Carpathian Star Way

Project overview
The projects targets the light pollution problem. The main objective is to increase the awareness of the light pollution problem between our target groups in concerned region. These are public institutions (municipalities, cultural institutions, etc.) students of basic and high schools, tourists. Geographically the project is focused on 3 national parks and its surroundings. In these areas the level of light pollution is relatively low. So there is a chance to use them as good example and to promote the advantages of life below natural night sky. The main beneficiary of the project will be the inhabitants of the concerned region. We expect the low level of light pollution here will be preserved for the future. The astro-tourism will grow, local people will believe in the usefulness of doing business in nature friendly tourism.

Main project activities
1. Increasing awareness activities – conferences and seminars
2. Static and mobile measurements of the night sky and meteorological quantities
3. Continuous diurnal and nocturnal promotion of the project goals and beauties of not polluted night sky

Name of the Lead Partner:
Vihorlat Observatory in Humenné, Slovakia
Uzhhorod National University
Institute of Development of Carpathian Region
Rónaőrző Society for Nature Protection
Uzhanskyi National Nature Park

Duration of the project
24 months (01.07.2021 – 30.06.2023)

Expected results
Good knowledge of the target groups about the light pollution.
Improved capabilities of project partners in performing research, educational and outreach activities in the field of natural nightscape protection.
Better understanding of correlations between sky brightness measurements and other environmental parameters
Better visibility of protected areas in the world and higher respect in front of the national authorities.