Environment for the Future by Scientific Education EFFUSE, HUSKROUA/1901/6.1/0075

Project overview

The project presents a common eco-friendly program which aims to clarify the state of the environment (the rate of water pollution, the species variability of organisms in water on the banks of the rivers) and the need to protect it, among the inhabitants of the city Strazske in Slovakia and Uzhhorod in Ukraine. Education of pupils mediated by experts from universities should to incite interest of future generation in environment and build a positive attitude towards problem solving. The Strazske city is known as a place with the largest environmental impact from the past in Slovakia. It is located on the Laborec River, with the tributary of the River Uh near Uzhhorod, from the Ukrainian side. The comparison of the prevalence of water purity in rivers on both sides of the border is carried out by university experts with involved pupils. The results of the project study will be published through a presentation ecological conditions of rivers and their ecosystem, by pupils and students with the participation of their parents and citizens of nearest region.

Project presents information campaign regarding environmental protection by implementation of common eco-friendly program improving the life quality on the border area. The main objective is to encourage environmentally friendly attitude of future generation (current pupils in schools) and their educators.

Lead partner:
Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice

Uzhhorod National University
Institute of Development of Carpathian Region

Duration of the project
24 months (01.08.2021 – 31.07.2023)

The specific objectives of the project are:
1)Increase level of eco-education and environmental awareness of pupils, teachers, university students and public by creation a dissemination of eco-educational materials and organization of eco-educational activities.
2) Spread information about environmental state and possibilities to solve eco-problems at schools, universities and by public.
3) Creation of online platform, virtual BIOlaboratory for sharing environmental information, cross-border cooperation between of pupils, teachers, university students and public with experts as well as for science popularization.
4) The future cooperation of experts will be ensured by using unique 3D microscope as an innovative toll for biological scientists. This microscope will be purchased by Lead Applicant and will be available for all partners and interested institutions.

Project results

Institute of Development of Carpathian Region has developed and published a manual "Environmental Issues of Zakarpattia" for public. The manual contains scientific materials devoted to the coverage of contemporary environmental issues of Zakarpattia. Considerable attention is paid to the peculiarities of its natural conditions. Emphasis is placed on the preservation of biodiversity in the face of climate change. While devising this textbook, the authors resorted to the analysis of literary sources as well as the findings of their own research. It will benefit school teachers, students and postgraduates of higher educational institutions majoring in natural sciences, employees of the nature reserve fund, and representatives of the authorities. Links:
Ukrainian version
English version
The measurements of water quality in the Uzh River, carried out as part of the project, became the basis for creating a database in the form of an interactive map:

A bilingual eco-educational film "Ukrainian Carpathians. Nature under threat" was also created:
Ukrainian version
English version