Volunteering as a tool for building social responsibility

The project "Volunteering as a tool for building social responsibility" is implemented under the program Polish-Ukrainian Youth Exchange Council (UKR/2022/W/0098) from 01.06.2021 to 25.07.2022. Its implementation includes development and preparation by young people from both countries of the publication ”Vademecum of a volunteer during a pandemic … and beyond”. Using various methods of work, young people will get acquainted with the current voluntary work of volunteers in both countries, through workshops and exercises they will check in the form of volunteering, they will prove the best what connects and what distinguishes volunteering and volunteers in both countries. What actions can be taken in the future for the development of volunteering. The result of the cooperation will be a handbook, which will be publicly available (on the partners’ websites and sent to selected facilities). Young people will become active and plan actions to generate a new environment for the environment – their local environment. The project activities will involve young people from economically and socially excluded areas and environments (see also http://www.wolontariat.fwmp.pl, brochure).

Project partners: